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The Saints Pub, named after Southampton Football Club in October 1962, is a community-oriented establishment that attracts customers of all ages. It serves as a gathering place for friends, relatives, and neighbors to enjoy drinks, laughter, special occasions, and sporting events. After undergoing a makeover a few years ago, the pub has experienced significant growth and received positive feedback from locals regarding the improvements.

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The Saints Pub offers a variety of amenities and services to its patrons, including:

  • A range of draught beers, a wide range of spirits, and shots: The pub caters to a diverse clientele with a selection of alcoholic beverages to suit different tastes.

  • Warm and friendly atmosphere: The pub’s inviting ambiance encourages patrons to relax and socialize with one another.

  • Great team of friendly staff: The pub’s dedicated and attentive staff contribute to the overall enjoyable experience for customers.

  • Ample seating and tables: The Saints Pub provides plenty of space for customers to enjoy their time at the establishment.

  • Pool tables and darts: The pub offers recreational activities for customers to engage in while enjoying their drinks.

  • Free digital jukebox: Customers can request their favorite songs to create a personalized atmosphere.

  • Outside seating area: The pub features an outdoor space for customers to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while socializing.

  • All sporting events shown in HD on large screens: The Saints Pub caters to sports enthusiasts by broadcasting events in high definition on large screens.

  • Live entertainment: The pub occasionally hosts live performances to entertain its patrons.


On average, 125 customers attend roast events at The Saints Pub within 2.5-hours. Sunday roasts at The Saints provide an opportunity for friends, family, and the local community to gather and finish the week on a high.

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